Décor & Hire

Candles and Decor was originally founded by Yvette Abraham in 2000 as an entrepreneurs project, that was initiated by her son’s school.

Since it’s conceptualisation Candles and Decor have done nothing but excel and succeed in their ambitious goals due to their hard work and dedication thus have become the successful and sought after brand that they are today.

Starting from a humble beginning, making candles in her garage, she now has a comprehensive showroom, candle manufacturing business and an industrial strength laundry facility for the drapery, situated in three separate locations.

Yvette and her team are highly skilled professionals in the decor industry, not only due to her raw talent and creativity but due to the fact that she is tertiary educated and boasts a Diploma in Interior Design.

Yvette and her team at Candles and Decor will continue to strive for excellence and pride themselves in the phenomenal services they provide to their clientele, and she can definitely see herself franchising her masterpiece in the near future.

Our Scope of Services include the folowing :

A professional consultation laying out the entire setting of your functions look and feel

Skilled advice for the options available to you which are best suited to your needs

Variety of different themes

The professionally skilled setup of the decor for the event itself

The hiring of all your decor requirements