Zuri Photography

I reside in the KZN Midlands and have a love of anything new.  I enjoy travelling and diving into new cultures and meeting new people. 

I have a beautiful daughter who is probably the most photographed child in South Africa. (Lately I have to bribe her to pose). 

Interestingly enough my background is not photography but medicine.  I initially studied nursing and went on to be an ICU nurse. I found I needed a change and I wanted to be outside.  I went and studied to become a paramedic. It was being a paramedic that took me to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which led me to photography. 

From a young age I was always interested in photography, but never really pursued it until I was living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Africa for all its problems and violent history, is beautiful.  I fell in love with the DRC , the people and the land that shapes them. I wanted to remember every second of what my soul was experiencing. 

I bought a camera and the rest was history.

I took a short basic photography course at the University of Cape Town and my enjoyment for photography became something infinitely more.

needed to understand the art and science of the camera in far more detail than what I had learnt from UCT and so started my Diploma through the New York Institution of Photography. 

I have since been inspired by photographers such as Ernest Cole (Graduate of NYIP), Kevin Carter, Greg Marinovich, Annie Leibovitz and Dorothea Lange.

I now spend every day with my camera by my side.   

My goal, my dream, like a good song brings goose bumps to your arms and deepens your soul.  I want my photographs to not only capture a memory, but inspire the person that is looking at them.  Inspire them to smile, to laugh, to allow an atrocity to be known.  What ever the story is that is being told through the photograph. I want it to make an impact. 

Photography allows me to capture moments, all moments, so that the world can remember long after we have all gone.  Photography allows me to make history.  

My photographs take on various styles, depending what I am shooting, where I am and the personality of the environment/people I am photographing.  

I hope that one of my images makes an impact on your soul.

For more details go to zuriphotography.co.za