The Bend Country House & Nature Estate

Nottingham Road

Weddings at The Bend

The Bend Country House is a unique country venue. 

We can take no credit for the fact that the setting is unparalleled in the Midlands and never disappoints those of us who are fortunate enough to experience it. We are confident that your special day will be an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests. We provide you with personal service and assistance with all the details of your wedding. Our only objective is to ensure that the bride and groom and all who care about them have a truly happy experience – one on which to build a long and prosperous future. We have a portfolio of service providers including marriage officers, photographers, hairdressers, make-up artist, DJ’s etc, whom we can confidently recommend.



Five kilometres of the Mooi River flow through the estate, an easy walk from the homestead. This is the upper Mooi and is characterized by long, slow deep pools and stretches of riffled pocket water. The banks are mostly clear and apart from the odd Willow Tree the going is relatively easy.

In addition to the river there are six still waters on the property of varying size. You’ll need a vehicle with good clearance to get to some of them, which are situated in spectacular settings with breath-taking views. All the dams can be fished from the bank, but a float tube would allow for more water to be covered. The dams are regularly stocked and well managed. The fishing is good all year round with the best months being during spring and autumn. A wide variety of still water flies have been successful namely, Woolly Buggers, Lake dragons, Red Eye Damsel’s, Mrs Simpsons’ and Walkers Killers’. The dams are open for fishing all year round; however, the river is closed during June, July and August for conservation purposes. The hotels policy on trout fishing policy is strictly “ Catch and release” using barbless hooks. Rods and Flies are available from the Fly Fishing and Birding Shop in Nottingham Road and they are for coaching for beginners.


There is more than 30km’s of trails which can be explored either on hiking or by mountain bike. These will take you to any one of the estates six dams, or up to the “ Roof Of Africa” a savannah – like plateau 300 meters above the level of the homestead. Here you can find rare Oribi, and mountain Reedbuck as well as common Reedbuck and Blesbuck. The silver backed jackal, porcupine and various smaller predators can also occasionally be spotted. The Birding is exceptional – more than 200 species of birds have been spotted on the estate including the very rare Wattled Crane, the Ground Hornbill, Cape Vulture, Secretary Bird, Narina Trogan and several species of raptors.


4X4 / Mountain Bike Trails

Tubing down the river

Picnics – Take a picnic basket, a bottle of wine, and a quilt up the mountain, or along the river for a romantic lunch

Children’s activities


The Bend

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