music_headerLove is a friendship set to music. JOSEPH CAMPBELL

Music helps to create the mood of your big day, so it’s important that that you choose the right accompaniment to each stage of the wedding; from the inspiring compositions of the ceremony, to the background melodies of the reception, the emotion of the first dance, and the entertainment of a live band or DJ.

At the ceremony, consider the sounds of an uplifting soloist or the grace and elegance of a string quartet.

For background music at the reception, it’s a good idea to put together a wedding mix with the songs that best capture your relationship. The compilation could include the music that has been the most important to you in the course of your relationship, as well as lyrics which best articulate what you mean to one-another. Perhaps think of it as the soundtrack to the story of your romance.

Remember to find out whether there are any noise restrictions which apply to your venue of choice.

If opting for a DJ instead of a musician, find a professional who is technically proficient, has an excellent knowledge of music and a good selection of different music genres. Find out what their specialty is and if they are familiar with your favourite style of music.