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There are millions of gorgeous wedding décor images on the Internet, and sites like Pinterest are a fabulous source of ideas and overall style inspiration. However, when deciding on a unique and authentic vision that expresses who you are as a couple it’s advisable to work together with a few creative friends or a wedding coordinator.

These days, eclectic styles are in vogue, so you don’t necessarily have to colour coordinate your bridesmaids’ dresses with the table napkins and the floral arrangement. Just about anything goes, giving you the freedom to mix and match … and have some fun!

Some of the upcoming trends for 2016 include geometric and graphic shapes and patterns, which can be introduced via angular table plans, tableware and vases. This modern look is especially good with the new wave of metallics which are being seen in wedding décor. Branding is an understated yet elegant way to put a special stamp on your wedding, and might consist of custom-designed monograms or duograms on the tableware and stationery.

The Bohemian style remains a favourite. Neutral colour combinations such as cream and coffee would work beautifully with organic elements like marble, bleached wood and warm metallics. The concept of bringing the outdoors inside, using lots of greenery and wildflowers, is also hugely popular.

You could also look to the seasons for inspiration. Spring suggests fresh and fabulous pastels, and summer’s lush vegetation and abundant blooms might prompt tropical or beach themes infused with bold, dramatic hues. While coastal winters are pleasantly cool and dry, the colder weather inland could inspire a romantic highland theme with roaring log fires, candle-lit tables and soaring mountain scenery. This is also the perfect time for a bushveld wedding; either colonial elegance or eco-experience.

One of the best décor ideas is to pick a fabulous location, where you won’t have to add too much to make the space gorgeous. A charming country hotel or themed restaurant will be easier to decorate than a plain function room or marquee. Then, you’ll need to check how much of the décor your venue is able to supply, and how much you’ll have to hire. These days, professional hiring companies supply an amazing array of stylish furnishings and themed décor.

Colour schemes

Monochromatic schemes are always elegant, so you could choose different tones of the same colour, or pick a colour you love, and team it with neutral shades. Different themes lend themselves to different colour schemes: a garden wedding might feature delicate florals and pastels against a lush green backdrop, while a vintage wedding could incorporate period prints and bold colours offset with silver or gold detailing, not to mention a sprinkling of 1930s era glamour.

‘Country chic’ décor calls for the crisp pastel shades of blue, green or yellow, with feature details such as apple crates, antique tablecloths and mismatched china. The seaside is another classic look, lending itself to pale blue or turquoise paired with neutrals such as sand, gold, silver or chalky pink. Alternatively, make your reception into a celebration of colour with décor trends such as origami flowers, paper lanterns and pom-poms, festoon lighting and swags of streamers.

Pantone’s 2016 wedding colours incorporate more vivid shades than in years gone by. Expect bright pastels to be teamed with bolder feature colours. Some of the top shades include Fiesta, Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, Iced Coffee and Lilac Grey. There’s also Snorkel Blue, which is 2016’s more vibrant version of Navy, as well as the soothing sky blue of ‘Serenity’.

Wedding favours

Prettily packaged wedding favours are a lovely way to thank your guests for sharing this special day with you. Edible favours are always extremely popular, and include things like liqueur-filled truffles, mini jars of local produce, such as jam, honey or olives, or cookies and cupcakes. The personal touch is key, like luggage tags inscribed with individual messages, attached to favours wrapped in hand-printed paper.