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Kuveshan Pillay Photography & Design

My name is Kuveshan Pillay, I am a graphic designer and photographer by profession.

I completed my graphic design degree in 2016 at Vega Design School and I also graduated from a diploma in photography in 2018 at Vega Design School.

Photography for me is like a hobby, a deep passion that stems from within me. For the simple reason is that when I have nothing to do I just pick up my camera and get creative with whatever it is that surrounds me. It makes me happy. For me personally family and the warmness of a home is very close to my heart. My pictures portray this very intimate feeling. I believe that in order for one to be successful they must be passionate about what they do and at the same time have a strong support structure , never let go of your family because when you need them, they will always be there for you.

My passion lies in being creative through all my work whether it be in design or photography. So as a professional I would be called a creative Director and that is why I can offer my clients a one stop shop when it comes to their needs.

The two qualifications under my name help me provide my clients with a unique value proposition as editing can be to infinity and beyond. Personally I prefer natural lighting and natural photo’s, however, my client comes first. So whatever my clients need is, I will gladly accommodate them.


Kuveshan Pillay

Website: lsphotography.org.za
Email: k2@hotmail.co.za
Contact: 082 854 1348