final_beautyTimeless Beauty

Looking and feeling fabulous as you walk down the aisle is a top priority on the wedding-day wish-list. And it’s never too early to start planning ahead. Begin a sensible nutrition and exercise routine several months in advance, and look at either revamping or refining your skin and hair care treatment regimen.

The make-up and hairstyle you choose should complement your wedding dress and your overall theme. Bridal beauty trends for 2016 highlight features such as smoky eyes, fresh, dewy skin, and soft pink hues for lips and cheeks, while hairstyles include sleek chignons, Bohemian braids and loosely structured up-dos with loads of volume.

Good to glow

If you’ve decided to do your own make-up, there are a few tricks of the trade you should learn. Apply products in natural light if possible, and remember to blend your foundation and blusher well, as the camera will show up any lines. Sweep some bronzing powder across your chest and neck so your face doesn’t look a different colour to the rest of your body. Don’t use foundation too near your gown’s neckline as it could end up staining the dress. Opt for waterproof mascara and navy blue or charcoal eyeliner. Choose a bright lip colour, handy powder compact and mirror, and carry it with you on the day in case you need a touch-up.

In 2016, brides are letting their natural beauty shine through with minimalist make-up such as tinted moisturiser, earth-toned eyeliner, a flick of mascara, pink or nude lips, and a light sweep of bronzer or blush. The ‘English Rose’, which calls for pale foundation, delicately lined eyes, rosy cheeks and softly tinted lips, is back in vogue. You can give this look a modern twist with bold eyebrows à la Cara Delevingne. Frosted lipstick is another favourite; especially shades of shimmering pinks and metallic.

Stylish hair and accessories

Wear thick hair up or down, flaunting your luxuriant locks by twisting them into a semi up-do, or opting for a wildly romantic look with long, flowing waves and small braids, loosely pinned back. Alternatively, go for one classic French plait or fishtail braid, decorated with luminous stars, beads or pearls.

The timeless chignon is the preferred up-do for glamour and sophistication. Prima ballerina style buns are both pretty and elegant, and look good with floral crowns or jewelled circlets. Wear a more modern version of this style by adding an asymmetrical element or leaving layers of hair loose in the front to frame your face.