Good to Go

When you arrive at the destination, never forget where the journey began. LAILAH GIFTY AKITA

These days, the bridal couple and their entourage are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting transport for the wedding. Consider an elegant chauffeur-driven stretch limousine, Rolls-Royce Phantom or Bentley, or even a luxury people carrier like the Mercedes Viano.

A classic 4×4 like a Range Rover or Jeep would be perfect for an out-of-Africa scenario, while a sporty Ford Mustang, a snappy Mini Cooper, or even a vintage VW Beetle might better suit a more modern or
quirky theme.

For a lake or seaside celebration, you could make a grand entrance by speedboat or yacht, or go for a more casual option like a canoe or rowing boat if your theme is rustic. Other unique choices include golf carts, Vespas and tandem bikes, not to mention the fairy-tale favourite … the horse-drawn carriage!

The top tip for a fool-proof wedding day transport plan is to map out every detail of your schedule well in advance. Think about where your hair and make-up are being done, the venue for pre and post-ceremony photo shoots, and the distance to the reception site, estimating how much time you’ll need for each event.

Factor a little leeway into your timeline to make room for any possible speed bumps or detours (both literal and metaphorical!) along the way.

Book transport several months beforehand, and have vehicles checked to ensure a smooth and stress-free drive on the day.

Remember to include bridesmaids, groomsmen and the bride’s parents when calculating how many vehicles you’ll need.