Desere Wadsworth


About Desere

After graduating with my BTech Degree in Photography, and spending some time abroad in the USA, I came home to start my photography business.

I live in a beautiful, quiet suburb in Waterfall, KZN with my husband Brad, and my son Trent. When we’re not working, we spend our time camping, fishing or taking a drive to the Midlands. I consider myself a girl that enjoys the simple things in life. To me, it doesn’t matter where or how we do things, as long as it’s with the people you love.

I often get asked what I enjoy about being a photographer? I could say that I love being my own boss and meeting new people, which is true, but it’s about so much more.

The connection between people is fascinating. Watching how they interact with each other; their body language and facial expressions offer us an insight into who they are. It’s like looking through an x-ray machine but for emotions. THIS is what I love about being a photographer. I am given the opportunity, front row seats, to observe and encapsulate raw emotions in a single frame to be viewed until the end of time.


Contact Desere

Contact: +27 76 166 8679