Darrel Collins Photography

I’m Darrel Collins of Darrel Collins Photography. I’m a Durban, South African based professional destination Wedding,Portrait and Lifestyle photographer who’s willing to travel the world to capture your special day. I am passionate about my photography and there’s nothing better than capturing those special moments for someone to remember forever. So if you are looking for a photographer who is passionate, professional and fun, who can capture the emotion of those special moments then I am the photographer you need.

How It All Began

I have lived in Durban all my life and have always had an interest in photography. I did the normal everyday thing, go to school, finish school study further, still cant figure out what i wanted to do, opened my own business, did it for 7 years hated it (it wasn’t photography )

I Joined my family business and started a new product called Photography in Africa, This led me to doing a beginners course in photography with the Shaw academy and this sparked something in me that I never dreamed of, becoming a photographer! I loved my new found skills so much I did the Shaw academy advanced photography course and haven’t looked back.
I am now doing photography full time and love every moment of it.

I enjoy doing all types of photography but my favorite is shooting weddings, being able to capture those once in a life time moments for the couple to be able to look back on and enjoy is such a privilege for me and so gratifying. Being able to catch the emotion of the moment forever on a image is something i strive for. My happy place is behind the lens of my camera doing what i am passionate about.

I would love to be apart of your journey and capture those special moments for you, if your looking for a photographer who doesn’t just do photography as a job but dose it as a life style and passion then I am who you are looking for. I would love to be apart of your special day.

Why Use Me

I am a passionate individual who loves to capture life as it happens. To be able to capture the emotion of the moment for someone to remember forever.

I believe in fair prices and not ripping people off. I love what i do and want you to have the best experience possible.

For more details go to darrelcollinsphotography.com