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Buraq Diamond’s jewels are hand crafted by our highly skilled craftsmen, pioneering new techniques in the creation of intricate jewels of art.  Everything that Buraq Diamonds manufacture and produce is meticulously scrutinised and held to the highest standards, allowing the ultimate treasure of nature to sparkle with a fiery brilliance.

Established by Faheem Gharafory in 2009

Our talented Diamantaire has spent many years training and trading in diamonds in the global market.  He has extensive knowledge and experience in this artistic field.

Buraq Diamonds is an acclaimed diamond company that pride ourselves in being involved in every aspect of the diamond and jewellery process.  From the meticulous sourcing of each rough diamond to the cutting and polishing.  Then finally, the craftsmanship and design of an extraordinary piece of jewellery.

The foundation on which Buraq Diamonds has built its superb reputation is flawless integrity, expert knowledge, exceptional quality and unparalleled  service.


It takes millions of years to create a diamond. The extraordinary crystal structure which results in a diamond’s unique and desirable optical qualities, is only formed under certain perfect temperature and pressure conditions – those diamond crystals are only delivered to the earth’s surface after surviving millions of years, battered by rivers, streams and ocean tides. Buraq Diamonds procures the most beautiful rough diamonds, cuts and polishes them into the most exquisite gems, radiant with sparkle and brilliance.

Buraq Diamonds adheres to the ethics of Kimberley treaty, and does not encourage the purchase of – nor works with – diamonds originating from areas of conflict and situations which have caused any human suffering.


Every Diamond is unique in the cutting and polishing of a rough diamond.  Buraq Diamonds studies a myriad of cutting possibilities before a final decision is made, as the most important factor in a diamond is its brilliance.

The process of maximising the value from a rough stone into a polished gem is an art and science. This wonder of nature requires a vivid imagination, years of experience and artistic skill.

Cutting & Polishing

Every diamond is unique, and the cutting of a rough diamond is the most important factor in a diamond’s brilliance. It’s critical to its beauty. The transformation of a rough diamond into a polished gem is as much an art as a science, a wonder of nature which requires a limitless imagination, precision and artistry.

Each diamond demands an individual approach to reveal its hidden beauty. Defining this approach for each stone is the constant, fascinating challenge faced by artists at Buraq Diamonds. Mastery of the fine art of diamond cutting is what makes that stone unlike any other.

Buraq Diamonds takes pride in manufacturing some of the highest quality products in its field available on the market today.


Buraq Diamond’s jewels are hand crafted by our highly skilled, artistic craftsman, who are continiously pioneering new techniques. A combination of unsurpassed skill and creativity allow the “Hands of Light” to craft a unique creation, designed to embody and enhance feminity and delicacy.

Every piece of Jewellery from Buraq Diamonds begins with the transformation of turning rough diamonds into art and revolutionising modern and jewellery design.

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