Planning a wedding isn’t easy. An important start is to get those invitations out as early as possible so people can BOOK the Date. Check out our stationery advice below and be sure to visit Handmade by Janine for bespoke handcrafted stationery.

Getting married is a big decision. Marriage is a legal contract. When you get married, you also take on legal and financial obligations. See the legal advice below and be sure to contact one of the marriage officers should you require one. They travel to your venue and can add that special touch to your wedding day.

Before you decide on the size, location or type of wedding you’d like, chat with your partner about what you would both feel comfortable spending on the wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon, finding out how much each of your families are able to contribute. Use this handy worksheet, which includes suggested percentages to spend on each component of the wedding, to help you keep track of money matters and stay within your budget. Estimated budget: R ……………………………………. Whatever budget you agree on, it’s wise to allocated an additional 10 percent for unforeseen expenses.

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